Digital reading devices

Book Port is a flexible book reading device that consists of a small, portable unit with a keypad and earbuds, plus accompanying software. It features both text-to-speech capabilities and digital audio support. This means you may read electronic files (with synthetic speech) or digital recorded books (with human speech). This unit includes a USB connector and a CompactFlash® card slot. Book Port also acts as a recorder, letting you take audio notes on the material you read. Using included software transfer material from you PC to BookPort.

BookCourier is a portable reading device designed specifically for people with vision or learning disabilities that make reading difficult. BookCourier’s text-to-speech engine reads text files from a variety of sources, including Kurzweil Educational Systems, DAISY 3 text, Grade 2 Braille, word processors, email packages, and Internet browsers. BookCourier also plays spoken word MP3 files, DAISY 2.02 audio files and music MP3 files.

The model PTN1 CD player from Plextalk supports Daisy Digital Talking Books, music CD's, MP3 CD's, or audio books on CD. This device is rugged and designed to provide years of reliable service. Features include easy, accessible controls; high quality built in speaker, navigational voice guide, speed and pitch controls, and page/time jump functions.

Plextalk Portable Recorder
PTR2 is a high quality recorder with the ability to create DAISY 2.02, audio only, books and Music CDs. It can play DAISY titles, Music CDs and Audio File CDs and CF cards. For quicker and easier editing of your DAISY content, the PTR2 is supplied with the Plextalk Recording Software (PRS). PTR2 can be operated in 2 main modes called “Normal” mode and “Book Creator” mode. Normal mode gives you a simplified interface and makes the process of creating a recording very straightforward. Book Creator mode gives you all the necessary tools to create a fully structured, audio only, DAISY 2.02 book including insert, punch in and overwrite recording, phrase editing and the ability to set heading levels.

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