Braille Displays

Focus 40 and Focus 80
Portable and affordable Focus 40 and Focus 80 Braille Displays with the latest in Braille display technology put you in control as you smoothly navigate the Windows® environment. Based on features rated most desirable by Braille display users, Focus Braille Displays are packed with advanced features and options that can be easily configured through JAWS®. The new design eliminates seams between the Braille cells, making the display feel like paper! The convenient location of navigation keys, bars and buttons promotes comfort and more economical hand movement.

PAC Mate Portable Braille Display (20 or 40 cells)
This first-of-its-kind, truly portable display not only makes PAC Mate™ more accessible, but it also can be used with desktops and laptops. Featuring a low-cost, simple platform this 20-cell refreshable Braille unit adds functionality to any computer with a USB port. A new seamless design between Braille cells makes the display feel like paper. With a pair of three-way Whiz Wheels® for rapid navigation and dual purpose cursor routing buttons, users can quickly and accurately obtain the information they need. The built-in VariBraille and programmable hot keys make the PAC Mate 20 Portable Braille Display a convenient extension to any Windows or Windows Mobile operating environment.

ALVA 544 Satellite
If you want to know how attractive a braille display can be, check out the ultra slim, lightweight, yet solid appearance of the ALVA 544 Satellite. In the office, at school, or at home, the 544 Satellite will meet or exceed your demands. Whether you're looking for superior braille output, ease of use, enhanced navigation possibilities, portability, or durability, the 544 Satellite is here to serve you.

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