CCTV - Print Magnification Systems

The Merlin video magnifier includes auto-focus, a large work space, superior contrast resolution and optional voice recognition and color select options. Available in color or classic black and white.

Merlin LCD
The Merlin LCD offers the greatest value and picture quality available. Boasting an ergonomic screen with built-in controls allowing the user to pivot and adjust the screen to offer the ultimate in comfort.

Merlin Plus
Built for users who want a full-featured system, this computer compatible video magnifier has it all. Using advance technologies that allow viewing computer files and magnified images simultaneously and uses superior auto focus bringing pictures and documents in clear, crisp focus instantly.

Now you can maintain full control over the essential, everyday activities of your life: leisure reading, corresponding with friends and family, reading contracts, bills, and prescriptions, enjoying needlepoint and other hobbies, and much more. The TOPAZ with its bright, high-contrast image, large moveable reading table, and easy to reach and use buttons is a must for every home where people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other forms of low vision love to read books, do crossword puzzles, and see the details in cherished family photos.

The ONYX camera line provides portable, easy-to-use video magnification solutions in three distinct viewing modes: distance views, document views, and mirror-image self views.

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